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Some Photos from the Scrapbook

Michael with Dave Parker, Willie Stargel and the late Chuck Tanner
Photo: Joe Dera (1970s)

with Michael Brecker circa '85

The band with photographer David Ridley backstage

With my running coach, Duke Stewart

At Fitz's Jazz Cafe Series (KJJZ)
McCallum Theatre, Palm Springs, CA, May 2002
Photo: John R. Rowlands

At the Franklin (TN) Jazz Festival, October 2001.
Photo: Frank Phillips

Central Park (NYC) run.
Photo: Chip Simons

From the Abandoned Garden photo shoot.
Photo: Ken Schles

Photo: Chip Simons

Michael with his hero
Antonio Carlos Jobim, 1978
Photo: Claudia Franks

Photo: Barbara Gurney

WB Promo Photo, 1987
Photo: Lynn Goldsmith
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